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The Falleninch Herd of Pedigree Charolais Cattle.

The Falleninch Herd has been firmly established on the roots of strong female families which have been acquired over three generations of the Hornall family, from my late grand-father Andrew.B. Hornall, my father John Hornall (Stirling herd) and now myself Andrew B. Hornall.

These female families have been carefully selected by us by actually visiting over 120 herds, which still is ongoing,to establish which animals are breeding the truest to type and to see what relations are breeding in a similar way. Enabling us to discover if there are any imperfections in the past history of any female family which we have selected.

I feel the Falleninch Herd has been built on good principles,reasons and foundations for any purchaser buying an animal with the Falleninch prefix can be assured that every effort has been done in the background, to the best of my knowledge,to insure every animal has a sound pedigree.