Falleninch Mars realises 12,000 gns at Stirling Bull Sales

Cracking trade for Charolais bulls...

Our offering, Falleninch Mars, realised 12,000gns and we wish the purchaser all the best with him as he is one of the best bulls we have bred atFalleninch

Also a big well done to Peter Phythian, Sue Stenner and all the crew back at British Charolais Cattle Society HQ on the new marketing campaign - Cross Into Profit - which is now up and running. Our breed has never been in a better position to take advantage of the Brexit uncertainties as well as the challenges of the support systems which look inevitable. 

The forward thinking commercial men realise that the Charolais breed ticks a lot of boxes to keep their bottom line in profit. They are willing to pay for top quality animals with good health and reasonable figures but lesser quality animals are hard to cash so please do not think that this sale is a license to keep inferior bulls in the future. 

Good luck to all other breeders in the next few weeks at the different Society sales.